Laura Preble

Laura Preble’s books include the IPPY-award-winning Anna Incognito (soon to be a screenplay), Queen Geek Social Club, and Out. She is a journalist, sci-fi geek, librarian, and singer.

Praise for the Unlikeable Character

Praise for the Unlikeable Character

I started to question my writing abilities, and indeed, my standing as a human being. Why was I drawn to these unlikeable people?

# Read # Style & Substance
3 min read

The Doubt of Adaptation

The Doubt of Adaptation

The first pass was—traumatic. I was re-reading every single word of my novel, dissecting where I could have written it better, second-guessing so many things. I had to stop that critic in my head just so I could get the work done.

# Read # Crossover
5 min read
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