Our contributors are the lifeblood of Pipeline Artists, helping shape our identity and fuel our goal of providing grounded, hyper-relevant topics across the arts.

As such, we're looking for pieces that highlight unspoken truths, provide honest advice, and profile "emerging" creatives or those deserving of a platform they may not find in mainstream publications. Also ridiculous humor pieces—sometimes the world needs ridiculous humor.

With that in mind ...

We're accepting pitches for the following:

  • Articles, including interviews (specific need for articles focusing on the publishing industry)
  • Short Stories (any length)
  • Poetry

Submit your ideas (or questions for our Q&A section), including your name, brief summary and/or logline to stories@pipelineartists.com.

If you have published clips, please include a link. Attach text or Word files, not PDFs.

The more original and more ambitious the ideas, the better. If we're interested, you'll know it (i.e. we'll email you back).

Editor's Note: Pipeline Artists provides content to inspire artists. Please explore the site before querying to get a feel for our preferences. We do not accept screenplay, comic book, or novel submissions.

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