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Pipeline hosts both virtual and in-person events for all. Introverts and extroverts: rejoice!

Most of our social presence lives on on Twitter (sorry, Facebook—it's not you, it's us), and when we Go Back to Normal™, invite-only and co-hosted mixers in Los Angeles with our partners at Final Draft.

Weekly on Twitter: we run giveaways, bring on occasional guests for Q&As, and amplify voices in the writing and filmmaking communities. Pipeline technically "hosts," but in most cases, the writers have taken over the hashtags, the conversations, and essentially commandeered how we run our social, which is totally fine because, tbh, they're better at it than us.

If you absolutely hate the idea of being on Twitter, you're in luck! You don't need to have an account to follow along! Just search for the hashtag and reload the feed. It's a little lurker-y, but that's okay.

Pipeline-Hosted Twitter Mixers:

#PipelineWriters - Script Pipeline
Fridays 5pm to whenever PT / 8pm to even later than whenever ET

What started as a "temporary virtual networking thing" on March 20th, 2020 has evolved into the biggest* Twitter mixer for film and TV writers. Most weeks will be comprised of participants talking about their scripts, their successes, their failures, and an uncompromising, sometimes-hostile demand for free Pipeline mugs.

*we're 99.3% sure that's the case, anyway—don't factcheck that.

#PipelineAuthors - Book Pipeline
Thursdays 5-7 p.m. PT / 8-10 p.m. ET

Join #PipelineAuthors Facebook Group!

Like Script Pipeline's #PipelineWriters, but—as if this wasn't obvious—for authors. Started in February 2021. Industry guests and Q&As happening throughout the year.

Just use the #PipelineAuthors hashtag on Twitter or use our convenient chat room that auto-adds the hashtag so you can focus on the fun.

If you hate Twitter, don't worry! We also have the writing conversation going on Facebook, to let authors connect 24/7. Join the fun!

Kinda-Sorta Pipeline-Hosted Twitter Mixers:

Sundays 7pm GMT / 11am PT / 2 p.m. ET

The UK version of #PipelineWriters, hosted by writers Phil Davies and Amy Trevaskus. Guests have included producers, comics, film and TV writers, and an array of talent. Once in a while they'll do a live Zoom in lieu of a Twitter mixer, and it's delightful. Previously led by Amanda Graham and David Stokes.

Fridays 7pm AEDT / some ungodly hour in the States ... 2am PT / 5am ET or something?

For the Australia / New Zealand crowd, hosted by writer Mike Boaks. Always lots of fantastic conversations in this thread. Also: there are so many good writers coming from Australia and New Zealand, and, yes, this deserves to be in italics.

#scriptchat: Sunday 5pm PT / 8pm ET

The Screenwriter Twitter chat that started Screenwriter Twitter chats.

In 2009, our Editor-in-Chief Jeanne Veillette Bowerman co-founded #scriptchat, where screenwriters first learned the phrase "Twitter chat." There's only one rule: bring your tequila (or beverage of choice) and leave your ego behind. Over 200 industry guests have appeared, from David B. Hayter and Jane Espenson, to showrunner Sheryl Anderson. Check #Scriptchat for details—and 12 years of transcripts.

#kidlitchat: Tuesday 6pm PT / 9pm ET

Since 2021, @kidlitchat has rocked a weekly conversation about all things children's literature. Writers, illustrators, readers, teachers, librarians, parents, or curious folk hop on to discuss a given topic. Follow @BonnieAdamson and @gregpincus for all chat updates. (You can find transcripts from 2012 to 2017 here.)

Writing Challenges:

While we love our social-media chats, we also love to inspire writers to get words on the page. What better way than to give them a challenge!

Year-Round Challenge: #15MinSprint

1. Write (or read, research, edit) your work for 15 minutes per day.


2. Write 1 page per day.

Simple. Imagine progress you'll make with one little step at a time.

Follow the #15MinSprint list, @jeannevb, and @thedavisgirl to join in the fun!

Lit Agent Info (for authors):

#DVpit: Do Twitter pitching events actually work? Hell, yes! Here's one for diverse writers: "An annual Twitter pitching event for un-agented, self-identifying historically marginalized authors & illustrators," created by MG and YA literary agent Beth Phelan. The success stories are real. The online Twitter event is held every October, so be sure to check the #DVpit website as well as their Twitter @DVpit_.

#MSWL (manuscript wishlist): Lit agents use this hashtag to tweet out what they're looking for!

#pitchwars: Pure gold. "Pitch Wars is a mentoring program where published/agented authors, editors, or industry interns choose one writer each, read their entire manuscript, and offer suggestions on how to make the manuscript shine for an agent showcase. The mentor also helps edit their mentee’s pitch for the contest and their query letter for submitting to agents." Follow @pitchwars and check out their site.

#pitmad: Founded by the #pitchwars group, #pitmad is a quarterly Twitter pitching event. Many agents and writers have fallen in love and lived happily ever after. Well, not love, but careers have been launched. And that: we love. Learn more.

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