Launched: 1999
Reviewing: Screenplays + TV pilots + pitches
Contests: Screenwriting | TV Writing | First Look | Idea
Services: Workshop
Likes: Bold, audacious writing.
Dislikes: Screenwriters seeking fame and fortune.

Site | Twitter | Instagram

Launched: 2014
Reviewing: Fiction + nonfiction (published and unpublished)
Contests: Unpublished | Adaptation
Services: Workshop | Workshop Editors
Likes: Fresh, vibrant voices.
Dislikes: Dull, lifeless, cliché storytelling.

Site |  Twitter | Instagram

Launched: 2018
Reviewing: Short Scripts + Short Films
Contests: Short Script | Short Film
Likes: Visionaries. Disruptors.
Dislikes: Hollow films that have nothing to say.

Site | Twitter | Instagram

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