Interview: Problem-Solving Producer Linda Burns

Interview: Problem-Solving Producer Linda Burns

The film and TV industry is like the Wild Wild West. No hard-fast rules to play by in an environment of controlled chaos held together by the one person crazy enough to take the job of set sheriff.

Yup—the producer.

If you ever have a chance to read Linda Burns' resume, you would know exactly the kind of chaos this line producer has faced and you would be amazed. From shutting down Los Angeles traffic to snag the perfect shot, to wrangling bugs, birds and mammals, to working with movie stars and strippers, and even setting stunt people on fire ...

Linda Burns has stared down and solved more problems than most of us experience in a lifetime.

On a movie set, each day presents a fresh set of unique challenges and that responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the person with the best problem-solving skills available.

You guessed it—the producer.

For those crazy enough to consider this line of professional movie-making work, it's high time you sat down and heard just how crazy things can get.

Watch the interview below or on our YouTube channel.

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