Snapshot: Dan Williams

Snapshot: Dan Williams

Origin Story: As a constant outsider from a childhood moving all over the country, I learned that the things we think we know about somewhere or the people who live there are often far from the truth. I grew up observing and writing, but without knowing what to do next. When an inspired high-school English teacher lent me a copy of Final Draft, I was hooked. I went to film school at USC and have been writing screenplays ever since.

Pipeline Accolades: Script Pipeline Screenwriting Finalist (N.R.A)

Accolades: ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellow

On Being an Artist: The stories I write are often based on true stories, inspired by a personal connection. I enjoy doing research. Diving into a world and uncovering all of the unbelievable details. Finding those hidden stories. The unexpected heroes. I like characters who risk everything for what they believe. Taking a stand against powerful institutions. I like writing about power. Who has it, who doesn’t. And how a single person can upend everything.

Fueled by: Relentless (obsessive?) curiosity. I have always sought to understand as many points of view as possible. I want to make these worlds accessible through empathy. To make them entertaining by surprising audiences and subverting expectations.

Currently: Represented by Good Fear Content and pitching projects!

Someday: I would love to eventually produce my own scripts and those of other writers by starting a production company that can secure rights to materials and package projects.

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