Artist Snapshot: Jessica Kane

Artist Snapshot: Jessica Kane

Origin Story: Jersey girl and NYU/Upright Citizens Brigade alum who found her creativity despite growing up in a town named after a giant rock.

Pipeline Accolades: First Look Project Finalist (The Bestorcist); Script Pipeline Recommend (Chosenville)

Accolades: For my half-hour pilot Chosenville: 8s on The Black List, 2019 Scriptation Showcase Winner, 2020 ScreenCraft Comedy Contest Finalist, 2020 Slamdance Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalist, and Roadmap Writers JumpStart Competition Quarterfinalist.

On Being an Artist: "The sooner you embrace your weirdest self, the sooner you'll find the stories you were meant to tell." - Benjamin Franklin ... actually did not say this. Can you imagine if he did, though?

Fueled by: A love of Ghostbusters, an obsession with Saturday Night Live, and the desire to make this world just a bit funnier.

Currently: Unemployed and hoping I never have to go back to life, working as a dating coach or at a dog startup (yup, I did both those things!).

Someday: Showrunner and writer of Ghostbusters 10.

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*Feature Photo: Jessica Kane

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