Artist Snapshot: Karina Evans

Artist Snapshot: Karina Evans

Origin Story: I was dropped into a radioactive vat of freckles and now roam the Earth to ginger-fy its people. Er—no. Wrong origin story. I grew up in Santa Barbara, studied English at the University of Delaware, interned at Script Pipeline (hi buddies!), and now write in Los Angeles.

Accolades: Most anticipated book debut of 2022 (as voted by mom and dad), Grow Up, Tahlia Wilkins!

On Being an Artist: One of the best things about being an author is the community of other writers you get to be surrounded by. Since writing can be very solitary, I think it's important to find people who can relate and empathize with the process.

Fueled by: Figuratively? Truly no idea. I can't not write. It makes me happy and frustrated simultaneously. Literally? Everything bagels. *chef kiss*

Currently: MG author and coordinator at Sony Pictures.

Someday: Still a MG author, but with a sore wrist from signing too many books.

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*Feature photo by Liam Kelly

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