Artist Snapshot: Michael Felker

Artist Snapshot: Michael Felker

Origin Story: Born in the Rocket Capital of the World—Huntsville, Alabama. Raised by a doctor and an engineer. Groomed to a life of math and science. So naturally, I turned into a writer and filmmaker.

Pipeline Accolades: Script Pipeline Screenwriting Finalist (Would You Like to Try Again?"); Film Pipeline Short Film Finalist (Save and Continue)

On Being an Artist: For the longest time, I thought being an artist meant you had to hone your craft every day until you made the perfect piece of art. The ultimate work that would define your place in history and fulfill your wildest dreams of success. What I realized, and have to continually remind myself still to this day, is that being an artist means finding your fulfillment and worth through the ups and downs of the creative process. No defining work will ever make you stop and say, "Okay cool! I did it! I'm done with art." An artist always feels the rush of creativity no matter what they make. And nothing makes me happier than engaging with a new script or film idea that challenges who I am, what I'm feeling, and what I want to say. That pursuit, in my opinion, is what makes a person an artist, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon.

Fueled by: Challenging my imagination to picture something that I haven't seen or felt before and then turning it into a reality.

Currently: Out shopping a new script while I edit a new feature film and a few video game trailers under my production company, Last Life. Also trying to figure out how to raise funding for my first feature film in a post-COVID world.

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*Feature Photo: Michael Felker

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