The Origin Story of Screenwriter Ian Shorr and His New Film, "Infinite"

The Origin Story of Screenwriter Ian Shorr and His New Film, "Infinite"

Ian Shorr’s storytelling career might have become formalized in the USC screenwriting program but it began long before that with a series of childhood drawings inspired by Ghostbusters. With a number of spec script sales and produced projects under his belt, Shorr’s latest script, Infinite, represents the matured abilities he has developed over the years as a screenwriter.

Pipeline Artists contributor, John Bucher, sat down with Shorr to discuss the secrets to his career success, his latest project and its colorful backstory, as well as what advice he has for writers trying to make it to where he is.

"If you want to get better odds of selling a spec, write a role that could change a movie star’s life." - Ian Shorr

Infinite is now streaming on Paramount+.

*Feature Photo: Ian Shorr

John Bucher is a writer and mythologist based out of Los Angeles. He has worked with companies including the Joseph Campbell Foundation, HBO, DC Comics, and A24 Films.
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