Matthew J Misetich

Partner at Pipeline Media Group. Oversees all divisions, including Script, Book, and Film. Conceived of Pipeline Artists to gather creatives "in a single ecosytem" and bring a fresh POV on the arts.

Los Angeles / San Pedro, CA

Should You Try Different Things in the Arts?

Should You Try Different Things in the Arts?

An age-old question hesitant creatives have asked for millenia—to explore new disciplines in the hopes of finding your niche—finally has a definitive answer ...

# Read # Style & Substance
1 min read

You've All Lost Your Minds

You've All Lost Your Minds

You have not chosen an industry for the fully sane. The suit-and-tie-and-nylons-wearing-9-to-5-cubicle-dwelling-let's-go-to-happy-hour-and-have-some-laughs-on-a-Friday-night-but-be-home-by-10pm crowd is not your lifestyle choice. This is a job best handled by the slightly unbalanced.

# Read # The Creative Mind
5 min read
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