Artist Snapshot: Frazer Lee

Artist Snapshot: Frazer Lee

Origin Story: Born in Essex and raised in Staffordshire, UK, but please don't hold either of those against me. (I understand the meaning behind the Lou Reed and John Cale song "Small Town," let's put it that way.) Lived in London for over two decades, and now in the wilds of Buckinghamshire. The house isn't haunted, the boy is.

Pipeline Accolades: Book Pipeline Finalist (The Lamplighters)

Accolades: Bram Stoker Award® & Book Pipeline Finalist for my debut horror novel The Lamplighters. Winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Gothic Filmmaker Award for my folk horror film The Stay. Several other awards on the film festival circuit, but it's hearing the terrified screams of my audience that is the most rewarding thing of all.

On Being an Artist: A wiser man than me once said that if you choose to make outsider art, you can expect to connect with people outside of the mainstream. I'll see you there.

Fueled by: I am fueled by coffee, empathy, and rage.

Currently: Novelist, screenwriter, and filmmaker. None of which pays the bills! So I am also a Lecturer in Creative Writing, working with the next generation of neurotic mavericks.

Someday: I am working on the correct rituals and incantations necessary to achieve my final form.

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*Feature Photo: Frazer Lee / photo by Karen Iacobbo

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